Musical Baking


Welcome to the warm glow of my kitchen and share my love of musicals through novelty bakes inspired by them!

I've always loved baking at home whilst singing along to the soundtracks of my favourite shows.

Now in collaboration with Lily Casson's I Heart Musicals, I'm inviting you to bake beside me whilst the soundtrack accompanies your time in the kitchen.

Each of the shows in I Heart Musicals has inspired me to create a novelty bake. There 's a song selection from the I Heart Musicals library, with tracks that are newly arranged and recorded, to bring the bakes to life. Follow me as I guide you step-by-step through each recipe with tips and tricks along the way. 

You can discover my first volume of bakes and songs and see my CrowdFunder video below!

Coming soon!



I Heart Musicals is Lily Casson's exploration of a century of musical theatre.

As she explores each decade, Lily shares her favourite shows and the stories behind their creation, featuring her covers from them, to inspire you to go away and find out more about them yourself.

Lily wants to encourage everyone to discover more about musicals - past and present - and bring them into the spotlight for a new generation of

musical lovers to enjoy.